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About Me

My career as a professional actor began in 1975 and continues up to the present.

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Though I might characterize my current working status as semi-retired, I am still active as a writer and producer. Over the span of four decades, I made about 35 feature films and television projects, varying of course in quality and popularity. A few of my films have endured, and over time garnered a considerable following. I have had the pleasure and honor to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the industry; actors, directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, art directors and technicians.

Though at times a bumpy road, it’s been nothing if not illuminating and self-revelatory. I often feel blessed and grateful to count myself among those fortunate enough to realize their dreams. I spend much of my time now traveling the world meeting fans and thanking them for the love and support they have so kindly bestowed upon me over these many years since my professional journey began. It is to them I owe a great deal of my success. Because of the cultural significance of films like Boulevard Nights and American Me, I was able through my work, to forge an intimate bond with the people for whom these particular films offer a deeper, more personal experience, beyond that of mere entertainment.


What greater tribute can be paid an actor than to know his or her work has touched millions of people's lives all over the world? These films and my work in them, have left an indelible impression on generations of film lovers that continues to resonate as time goes by. Now, in these my golden years so to speak, I have matured into a man who can appreciate the past and enjoy the present while looking toward the future.

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