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  • Q: Does the autograph cost extra?
    A: No. All the merchandise comes autographed at no additional cost.
  • Q: Is this really you?
    A: As funny as this sounds I get asked this question all the time. Nonetheless, it is me.
  • Q: Do you accept personal checks?
    A: No, I do not. But a money order will suffice, made out to Danny De La Paz.
  • Q: If I purchase more than one item can I get them signed to different people?
    A: Yes, of course. I just need to know the names and which items to dedicate.
  • Q: Are the posters shipped flat or rolled?
    A: Rolled. There is less chance of damage that way, and when framed they flatten out.
  • Q: Are you really Mexican? I heard you were Puerto Rican or Cuban.
    A: I am of Mexican descent. My father was born in Chihuahua, Mex., my mother Texas.
  • Q: In American Me, why did you kill your own brother?"
    A: If you watch the movie carefully the answer is in the film.
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