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No upcoming events at the moment

       I am available to make personal appearances at car shows and events across the country (and outside the country as well). I charge a fee of 500.00 if the event is in California, and 1,000.00 if it is out of state (half upfront and half payable upon my arrival). I also require transportation (either train or plane whichever is more convenient), and hotel accommodations (no motels please), as well as a booth with table and chairs for me to set up and sell my merchandise. As far as flight reservations go I prefer to fly non-stop whenever possible. I also ask to please be consulted at the time of booking my flight so that I may agree to a particular flight BEFORE IT IS BOOKED, as many times I have been required to travel at unreasonable times thus causing me great stress. Traveling can be very taxing in our modern age, and I certainly am no Spring chicken. I have had a few nightmare experiences, but I find that if the host has invested money in my appearance, they tend to take it a lot more serious and things are more likely to go according to plan. I hold up my end, and they hold up theirs.

      What I consider my purpose in doing these events is to enhance the experience of the patrons attending the event. To bring joy to each and every individual for whom encountering and interacting with me would be meaningful. It's not about the merchandise or the money. Whatever memorabilia I offer at these events is there purely for the pleasure of the fans, the people who appreciate the films and my work in them. If I can show people love and appreciation then as far as I am concerned my job is done. I want to leave the fans with a wonderful memory. Who knows if we shall ever see each other again? In doing so I feel that I too am enriched as a person knowing that I put a smile on someone's face and perhaps a little warmth in their heart.


If you have question about your order or about booking my services please submit your info & I will get back to you ASAP 

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